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The Red Ribbon Foundation, founded in 1993, is dedicated to the education about prevention of the Human Imunodeficiency Virus or HIV, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex, ARC and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome referred to as AIDS. Concentrating its efforts with children and young adults, The Red Ribbon Foundation utilizes a broad platform of media to communicate the educational messages of prevention and support for those affected, infected and not yet educated or aware.

The most vulnerable people to the AIDS crisis in our society, in the opinion of The Red Ribbon Foundation, are not the high risk groups usually associated and mentioned hand in hand with the disease. We at The Red Ribbon Foundation believe the most vulnerable individuals to be the youth of America. Youth of all ages from grade school to junior high school, to high school through college. It is with our youth that the seeds of ultimate triumph over the spread of AIDS will be harvested.

Too often the youth of America are finding themselves in a reactionary situation to the events and realities of society around them. Armed with too little knowledge, constricting access to answers and ever increasing adversarial issues in our society, the youth of America needs to take a more pro-active stance in their own future.

It is only through education that there comes power and with that power the knowledge to make the right choice for their future.


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